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Nexus Systems, Inc.


2904 Evangeline Street Monroe LA 71201

Phone: 318.340.0750 FAX: 318.323-1478



Interconnection, Nondiscrimination and Network Management Policies

Applicable to BTOP “Piney Woods” Project

Effective August 2010



Nexus Systems is the recipient of a Round 2 BTOP grant to build Middle Mile fiber from Vienna Louisiana to Pineville Louisiana. Requirements of the grant include the following:


  1. Written Interconnection, nondiscrimination and network management policies as submitted to NTIA at the time of application.

  2. Display of network management policies in the company website along with notice to customers for changes in policy.

  3. Written outreach policy advertising the availability of public Internet connection in addition to connections through Nexus Systems.

  4. Publicly available list of Points of Interconnection

  5. Standardized method for parties to make inquiries and requests for service


Interconnection and Nondiscrimination Policies


Nexus Systems supports the Nondiscrimination and Interconnection obligations of the BTOP awardees. Specifically, Nexus Systems:


  1. Adheres to the principles contained in the FCC’s Internet Policy Statement (FCC 05-151), adopted August 5, 2005;

  2. Does not favor any lawful Internet applications and content over others;

  3. Adheres to network management policies as posted on the web site

  4. Connects directly to the public Internet directly; and

  5. Will negotiate interconnection, in good faith, with all parties making a bona fide request, where technically feasible without exceeding current and reasonably anticipated capacity limitations, on reasonable rates and terms in accordance with BTOP requirements.


Points of Interconnection


Nexus Systems points of interconnection for the Piney Woods BTOP project are:


  1. Vienna, LA 32 35 55.75N 92 35 52.94W (Highway 33 at Hwy 3133)

  2. Jonesboro, LA 32 14 05.61N 92 42 28.48W (Highway 167 at Jonesboro Elementary)

  3. Winnfield, LA 31 55 31.62N 92 38 13.74W (Highway 167 at East Court St)

  4. Dry Prong, LA 31 34 46.54N 92 31 45.62W (Highway 167 at Jones Dewitt St)

  5. Pineville, LA 31 19 14.70N 92 26 21.21W(Hospital Blvd at Huey P Long Hospital)


Inquiries and Requests for Service


Inquiries and requests for service may be made by contacting Nexus Systems at 318-340-0750 or by registering a service request at the Nexus web site Requests are assigned tracking tickets with the goal of response within 48 hours.


Nexus Systems is committed to fulfill the letter of obligations of the grant and the spirit of the program. Please see the attachments regarding information for these requirements.



Nexus Systems, Inc.


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